Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Unexpected Polls Conclusion!

Hello everyone today I bring you the conclusion of the polls that were unexpected and the second poll winner was the solo band of Finnish singer Tarja, now in the first poll was a tie for two days to finish between in the Dutch band Ayreon, and the German band Avantasia, unfortunately can not add the two bands at the same time but I'll still add to this month Avantasia band, Tarja and Ayreon bands are now available on the radio. New polls are now available I hope you enjoy. Even more and Let's Rock.

Days of Specials

Rush - Day 3
Dream Theater - Day 4
Angra - Day 6
Helloween - Day 7
Stratovarius - Day 8
Judas Priest - Day 12
Iron Maiden - Day 13
Megadeth - Day 15
Metallica - Day 16
Motorhead - Day 17
Scorpions - Day 19
Dio - Day 20
Van Halen - Day 23
Deep Purple - Day 24
Black Sabbath - Day 25

All especias are from 19:00 until 01:00 the next day in the Radionomy server time which is located in France.

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